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Write good thesis statement informative essay

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BRUCELLOSIS AND YELLOWSTONE BISON IN MONTANA. Working Paper #95-2. By Emily Davies. Department of good thesis statement informative Sociology. University of Colorado, Boulder. This paper was written with a small grant from the Conflict Resolution Consortium, University of Colorado. Funding for the Consortium and its Small Grants Program was provided by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The statements and ideas presented in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Conflict Resolution Consortium, the University of Colorado, or the nietzsche essays, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. For more information, contact the write good thesis informative, Conflict Resolution Consortium, Campus Box 327, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 80309-0327. Phone: (303) 492-1635, e-mail:

Copyright (C) 1995. Emily Davies. Writing A Good Introduction Essay Example! Do not reprint without permission. I. Summary Description. Write Informative! Currently, the bar exam answers, state of Montana, in conjunction with the federal government, has an interim-management plan that allows for the killing of Yellowstone buffalo that wander outside the boundaries of the national park. Established mainly to keep brucellosis in check, the practice of killing these roaming bison has sparked great controversy in recent years. Brucellosis, or Bang's Disease, is commonly found in buffalo, elk and domestic cattle. Cattle, specifically cows, are most susceptible to the disease and its effects however, and are prone to abortions, low milk production and even infertility when infected. Spread through contact with reproductive fluids or grass that is wet with such fluids, brucellosis is difficult to detect and even more difficult to prevent through inoculation. This holds particularly true for the wild, free-roaming Yellowstone bison, which presently number more than 4,000 within the park -- the last truly wild bison found in North America. Good Thesis Informative! Because of the National Park Service's policy of natural management in our nation's parks, human influence is kept to personality nature essay a minimum.

Yellowstone bison numbers have soared due to lack of predators (although the reintroduction of thesis essay wolves into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is of icc world expected to statement have an effect eventually) and because of the absence of any human-induced population control methods. Scarcity of nietzsche winter range is the only real check on the Yellowstone buffalo, and thus, the animals have begun to wander north of good park boundaries in search of food. In response to this gradual exodus from the park, the federal government and writing introduction essay example the state of Montana allow buffalo that cross park lines and threaten to mingle with domestic cattle or damage private property to thesis informative essay be shot. Although there are no documented cases of wild bison spreading the disease to cattle, cattlemen support the shootings as they seek to preserve Montana's brucellosis-free status for the sake of their livelihoods and the state economy. The National Park Service endorses the killings as a means to control the bison populations without contradicting their policy of natural management within the park. Opposing the interim-management policy are animal rights activists, who maintain that less cruel and non-lethal methods should be used to contain brucellosis.

Many hunters also object to the killings claiming they deprive sportsmen of legal hunt. Writing A Good Introduction For An Essay! Brucellosis was first discovered in North America among Yellowstone buffalo as early as 1917. Since 1935 it has been estimated that the federal government has spent more than $1.3 billion on write good thesis informative the disease, presumably on eradication efforts and research. While not a new concern, the problem of brucellosis has recently been complicated by the vast number of buffalo within the park. But today's record population is in sharp contrast to the animals' numbers at the turn of the century. A Good Essay Example! By the end of the 1800s, buffalo populations were severely depleted in thesis statement essay the West. Bar Exam Essay Answers! Popular among Native Americans as well as white settlers, the good informative, animals were widely hunted for their meat and skin. From 1896 through 1901 it was reported that bison numbers within Yellowstone ranged from a mere 24 to essay about memorable trip 50, and still the animals were frequently poached. As park management became more effective and wildlife preservation laws were passed, the bison enjoyed greater protection and soon began to flourish.

Their numbers increased so much in good informative essay fact, that buffalo were actively managed by park rangers to keep populations in check. Such killing of the animals ceased in 1966 however, when park policy changed and essay about natural management was introduced to the national park system. Since then, bison numbers have soared to more than 4,000, a number which many critics of the Park Service contend is beyond Yellowstone's carrying capacity. With greater numbers of bison in Yellowstone comes greater likelihood of brucellosis spreading to cattle put to pasture near park boundaries. Recognizing this threat and wanting to maintain its newly declared brucellosis-free status, the write thesis statement essay, state of Montana instituted public hunting of buffalo that wandered across park boundaries by a strictly regulated permit system in 1985. This plan was soon abandoned due to massive public outcry however, when the 1988-89 hunting season saw nearly 600 bison killed.

In 1991, the present interim-management plan was established, which calls for roaming buffalo to be shot by i am person, federal or state government agents. More than 300 animals have been killed this winter alone. The conflict over the killing of write good statement Yellowstone buffalo is geographically concentrated in Montana, where the animals typically wander upon leaving the park. Essay About! The issue has received national attention however, as the primary animal rights group involved in the dispute, The Fund for Animals, is write essay based in New York. While it is easy to see the conflict as one between cattlemen and animal rights activists, the writing example, National Park Service has garnered much criticism from both groups. Its policy of natural management within Yellowstone is seen by many to be the cause of the conflict: if bison were managed within the park, shooting them outside park boundaries would not be necessary. Unfortunately, it seems that current public perception about the good statement essay, Park Service -- as a corrupt and malfunctioning agency -- leads to personality additional skepticism of its decisions and policy-making. Very little constructive communication goes on between critics of the plan and those who enforce it. Write Good Statement Informative! A) Primary: The National Park Service -- Members of the Park Service, in about memorable conjunction with Montana state game wardens, are most physically involved in the conflict as they are the ones killing the Yellowstone buffalo. Good Thesis Informative! As a federal agency, the Park Service is a powerful party and essay trip one that gives additional clout to good informative the interests of the writing a good introduction essay, state of Montana.

Presumably, because of its federal status, others are hard put to challenge the Park Service's actions, although this has been done successfully in the past. Cattlemen/women -- These individuals are most directly threatened by brucellosis and statement essay the physical damage caused by wandering buffalo. The beef industry is big business in a good the United States, so these men and women can be seen as the stewards of a large portion of our nation's economy. Animal Rights Activists -- Representing the buffalos' right to write statement essay life are non-governmental groups such as the Fund for essay Animals. This party is frequently seen as radical and thus, does not enjoy mainstream support as members of the cattle industry might. Thesis Essay! Because they lack government ties and widespread backing, these individuals appear to have little power in this conflict. Interestingly enough however, the Fund for Animals has been successful in legally blocking Park Service plans in the past. B) Secondary: Native Americans -- This party benefits from the killing of a good introduction for an example Yellowstone buffalo because, whenever possible, the carcasses of the animals are given to various tribes by the government. As they are not permitted to hunt bison that leave the park, area tribes are dependent upon the current policy for a supply of the animal.

Hunters -- These individuals decry the government practice of killing roaming Yellowstone buffalo because it prevents sportsmen and write good thesis statement women from i am essay, doing the same. They enjoyed hunting privileges briefly during the 1980s but with the write good thesis statement informative essay, adoption of the current interim-management plan, such freedoms were revoked. C) Interested Third Parties: The General Public -- Most Americans have some first-hand experience with, or knowledge of, Yellowstone National Park, the world's first national park. Many people also realize that our nation's parks have been set aside for our benefit and enjoyment. It stands to nature or nurture reason therefore that we are all interested parties in this conflict because as trustees of the parks, we are somewhat affected by every policy the Park Service formulates. A) Facts-based: Questions have been raised about whether brucellosis is as easily spread as many contend. No documented cases of wild bison spreading the good thesis informative essay, disease to nature cattle exist thus far, but those whose livelihoods are directly affected are reluctant to take unnecessary risks.

In addition, many ask why bison bulls are frequently killed when cows are the primary transmitters of the disease. B) Values-based: The act of thesis informative killing any life form is despicable to many involved in the conflict while others consider shooting the Yellowstone bison as secondary to humans' quality of life. Nietzsche Essays! C) Interests-based: Cattlemen and women contend that killing the statement informative, buffalo will allow their cattle to of icc world remain healthy. To stop the current government shootings would be detrimental to individuals as well as state and write good statement federal economies. Of Icc World Cup! Countering this view are many animal rights activists and environmentalists who maintain that continued killing of the Yellowstone buffalo will result in a collective loss for all other life forms as the last wild bison in write North America might be rendered extinct. D) Nonrealistic: It seems that for answers many, the conflict has become one of buffalo vs. jobs and quality of life. Conversely, others see the conflict as one of man's greed vs. the lives of innocent buffalo. Such rigid and limiting views continue to be perpetuated because parties meet in frequently confrontational environments. All sides of the conflict are guilty of stereotyping their opponents at some point. Animal rights activists consider the cattlemen, park rangers and game wardens killers because of their role in the controversy surrounding the Yellowstone buffalo. They tend to simplify the write thesis, issue without making any distinctions between the other parties involved in the conflict and without considering any other aspects of the debate except the killing of the animals.

In contrast, those who condone the bar exam essay answers, government action frequently dismiss critics of the write good thesis statement essay, plan as radicals and belittle their opponents point of view. Such labeling merely polarizes the debate, adding no constructive element whatsoever. VII. Alternative Routes to nietzsche Solution(s) of the Problem(s) Many have suggested the write good thesis informative, National Park Service revise its policy of natural management within Yellowstone, thus eliminating the need to shoot the animals outside the park. Most likely however, this option is unacceptable to those who oppose the killings outside the park. Those who seek non-lethal methods of eradicating brucellosis have suggested moving the cattle grazing on land near park boundaries to nietzsche regions farther away to statement essay reduce the chances of interaction between cattle and Yellowstone bison. Essay Trip! Another non-lethal method put forward is inoculation of domestic cattle against brucellosis. VIII.

Conflict Regulation Potential. A) Internal Limiting Factors: It has been frequently remarked by cattle owners and Park Service agents that no one likes to see buffalo shot, a statement with which all who oppose the thesis statement essay, killings enthusiastically agree. Perhaps consensus over the loss of life suffered by the Yellowstone buffalo can be a starting point for resolution. B) External Limiting Factors: The federal government could step in to either enforce or abolish Montana's interim-management plan. World Cup! This seems highly unlikely however, as the National Park Service is already involved in the conflict. Perhaps a neutral third party, such as a professional mediator or a conflict manager, would be successful in mediatiating the conflict. 'Bison have occupied the thesis statement essay, Yellowstone region since the end of the Pleistocene. Nature Essay! Their fundamental behavior hasn't changed. They take the world head on.

They are animated snowplows, able to reach forage by moving snow aside with their heads. Write Informative! They learn very quickly where the best grazing is. They'll pick up and move if they don't like things.' -- Mary Meagher, Biologist 1. C urrently, the state of Montana, in conjunction with the federal government, has an interim-management plan that calls for the shooting of i am an optimistic essay buffalo that wander outside Yellowstone National Park. Established mainly to keep brucellosis in check, the practice of killing these roaming bison has sparked great controversy in thesis essay recent years. Tremendous conflict has arisen between animal rights activists, who condemn the shootings as cruel and nietzsche unnecessary, and cattle owners, who fear the potentially disastrous effect brucellosis-infected buffalo could have on their cattle. As agents enforcing the interim- management plan, the National Park Service and the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks have come under fire from environmentalists and ranchers alike for write good statement informative essay what many perceive to essays be the agencies' poor policy decisions. Amid a flurry of media attention and public outrage the Yellowstone buffalo continue to be shot by federal and state government officials. Tension between opposing parties makes for poor relations and write good thesis statement informative essay occasionally violent confrontations. Such factors must be eliminated from the conflict in order for compromise or effective management to about trip occur.

The government practice of killing buffalo that leave Yellowstone National Park and threaten to mingle with domestic cattle or damage private property has been unpopular with large sectors of the American public since its implementation in write informative 1991. Park officials and Montana state game wardens contend that managing bison that leave the park is necessary however because of the animal's record high population -- Yellowstone buffalo numbered more than 4,000 this year, a number which many believe exceeds the park's carrying capacity. But today's wealth of buffalo is in sharp contrast to the animals' status at the turn of the century. Of Icc Cup! C alled brother buffalo by good thesis statement informative, many American Indian tribes, the bar exam, bison has long been cherished by humans for its delicious meat, sturdy hide and warm fur. As the West was gradually settled in the 19th century, whites discovered the wonders of buffalo as well and soon came to rely on them for food and clothing.

This relationship resulted in write thesis informative essay the animals' exploitation however as the fur trade became big business in the early 1800s, with white settlers selling the furs of bison that were largely hunted by Indians. 2 The arrival of the railroad in the Western Plains caused the bar exam answers, fur business to good thesis informative essay skyrocket as increasing demands for buffalo robes were more easily met. Accompanying this new mode of transportation was the peculiar pastime of shooting bison as they stood alongside passing trains.3 Battles between whites and Indians also took a toll on essay buffalo as thousands of the animals were massacred by whites to deplete food supplies of Indian tribes. By the end of the century, the demands placed on the bison -- for meat, fur, revenge and sport - - nearly resulted in its extinction. The establishment of Yellowstone National Park in 1872 came at a crucial time for informative essay the American buffalo. Set aside by of icc, the federal government for the benefit and enjoyment of the people, Yellowstone helped to introduce a conservationist ethic to the West. 4 As the nation gradually gained awareness of the mass slaughter of its buffalo through media reports and other accounts, steps were taken to prevent, or at least slow the write thesis statement informative, killings. Wild and captive herds mingled together within the essay world, boundaries of the park and began to reproduce.

But repairing the damage done to the buffalo's ranks was difficult as Yellowstone wildlife was frequently poached long after the area was declared a national park. From 1896 through 1901 it was reported that bison numbers within the park ranged from a mere 24 to 50. Write Good Statement Informative Essay! 5. A resilient creature, the buffalo began to flourish in essay of icc cup Yellowstone as it enjoyed greater protection through more effective park management and the passage of wildlife preservation laws. The animals' numbers increased so much in good statement informative essay fact, that until the 1960s buffalo were actively managed by park rangers to keep populations in bar exam answers check. When this management technique was replaced in 1966 by a policy of natural management, or allowing nature to manage itself with minimal human intervention, buffalo numbers soared even higher, resulting in good thesis statement informative this year's record population within the park. 6. W ith greater numbers of bison in Yellowstone come greater opportunities of bar exam answers brucellosis spreading to cattle put to pasture near park boundaries. First discovered in North America among Yellowstone buffalo as early as 1917, brucellosis, or Bang's Disease, is commonly found in ungulates such as bison, elk and cattle. Domestic cattle, specifically cows, are most susceptible to the disease and its effects however, and are prone to abortions, low milk production and even infertility when infected. Spread through contact with reproductive fluids or grass that is wet with such fluids, brucellosis is difficult to detect and even more difficult to prevent through inoculation.

Given the devastating effects the good informative, disease may have on a herd of cattle, federal and state governments have employed many methods to study, contain and eliminate brucellosis over the years. Since 1935 it has been estimated that the federal government has spent more than $1.3 billion on the disease, presumably on eradication efforts and research. 7 The Department of Agriculture distributes pamphlets and other publications on brucellosis prevention to cattle owners so that these stewards of America's beef industry can better protect the essays, country's economic interests. For this same reason, a state's cattle are frequently tested for the disease; if no cases of write good informative essay infection are found in the course of a year, regulations surrounding the trade of cattle with that state are relaxed. However, a state with even one outbreak of brucellosis is considered a tremendous risk to writing a good introduction essay the entire country and is subject to increased fees as well as a loss of reputation within the cattle industry. 8.

The states immediately surrounding Yellowstone National Park have enjoyed brucellosis-free status for several years -- Montana and Wyoming since 1985 and Idaho since 1990. 9 Of the three, Montana is most under siege by Yellowstone bison that wander north of the park in search of winter range. Write Good Statement Informative! Recognizing the threat these animals pose to its cattle business, the state of Montana instituted public hunting of buffalo that travel across park boundaries by a strictly regulated permit system in 1985. This plan was swiftly abandoned however due to massive public outcry when the bar exam, 1988-89 hunting season saw nearly 600 bison killed. In 1991, the present interim- management plan was established, which allows federal and state government agents to hunt buffalo that step into Montana. Close to 400 animals were killed this winter alone. 10. 'This is war paint and good thesis statement informative the war is on . may the spirit of this buffalo haunt you forever.' -- Animal Rights Activist 11. D espite the protests of animal rights activists, many involved in the conflict surrounding the killing of Yellowstone buffalo, both directly and indirectly, maintain that the government shootings are a more humane demise for essays the animals than starvation, which they say, is inevitable among the overpopulated herds.

The National Park Service endorses the write good thesis statement essay, killings as a means to control bison populations without contradicting its policy of natural management within Yellowstone. Montana State game wardens contend that the shootings keep brucellosis in check and reduce the risk of the animals damaging private property as they might do if allowed to roam free in Montana. Even biologists working for Yellowstone assert that the or nurture essay, management plan is needed to keep the vast numbers of buffalo from trampling fragile vegetation and write good thesis informative essay other park wildlife. Whatever their particular concern, the aforementioned parties stand firm in their belief that the interim management plan performs a greater good for the environment and protects the interests of humans who dwell in it. Those with perhaps the most at bar exam essay answers stake personally are cattle owners who fear for the security of write informative essay their livelihoods and their property if Yellowstone buffalo are permitted to wander onto their land or near their cattle. In addition to being concerned about the health of the essays, beef industry in their region and across the nation, these men and women worry about the thesis informative, health of their finances should the current government practice be altered by pressure from environmental factions or outrage from the general public.

Their support of the interim-management plan is therefore motivated primarily by writing example, their interests, which they consider to be threatened by the animals' proximity to their land and write statement informative essay grazing grounds. Directly opposing the cattlemen and women are animal rights activists who represent the buffaloes' right to life. Considered radical by many, this party does not enjoy mainstream support or government ties and thus it is easy to view it as powerless against state and federal governments as well as the meat industry. Interestingly enough however, activists have succeeded in legally blocking government plans on occasion. In 1991 for example, the Fund for Animals, an animal rights group based in New York, won a temporary restraining order against the National Park Service to have its plan to kill 25 Yellowstone bison halted. The Park Service wanted to an optimistic person essay study tissue from the bison in order to gain more knowledge about brucellosis and the risk these wild animals pose to domestic cattle. 12. Although such victories are rare and frequently quite temporary, the animal rights activists involved in the Yellowstone buffalo conflict persevere in thesis informative their efforts to see the government killings cease. They claim they are grounded in their battle against government and big business by their values and their respect for all life forms. Nature Essay! If Yellowstone buffalo continue to be killed, these individuals maintain, it will be a collective loss for all creatures as the last wild, free-roaming bison in statement essay North America will vanish. Also involved in the conflict, albeit indirectly, are Native Americans and hunters.

Native Americans support the current buffalo management plan because, whenever possible, the carcasses of the animals are given to various tribes by the government. 13 As they are not permitted to hunt bison that leave the park, area tribes are dependent upon the status quo for a supply of the nietzsche, animal. Many hunters, on write good the other hand, decry the government shootings because it deprives sportsmen and women of opportunities to do the essay about trip, same. During the 1980s, hunters enjoyed the ability to hunt wandering bison legally but with the adoption of the current interim-management plan, these freedoms were revoked. 'We knew it was going to be hard to sell death, but we didn't know it was going to be this hard.' -- Montana State Game Warden 14. W hile the conflict surrounding the Yellowstone bison is one that involves a clash of interests and values, other factors are present which complicate the issue. Stereotyping is an unfortunate component of the conflict and is extremely detrimental to relations between opposing parties. Animal rights activists tend to consider cattle owners, park rangers and game wardens killers because of their role in the controversy. They often simplify the issue without distinguishing between other parties to the conflict or considering any aspects of the debate besides the killing of the buffalo. Write Informative Essay! Conversely, those who condone the government action frequently dismiss critics of the plan as radicals and belittle their points of view. Essay! Such labeling merely polarizes the debate, adding no constructive element whatsoever.

Unfortunately, there have been instances when the write good essay, hostility connected to this name-calling has escalated into violence. In 1990 several activists from the Fund for Animals and Earth First! confronted Yellowstone park rangers and Montana State game wardens who were accompanying a group of hunters on nietzsche a regulated buffalo hunt, as was legal before the current interim- management plan was established. Verbal sparring took place between the hunters and their critics and eventually the protesters were physically restrained to prevent them from stepping into the line of fire. While no one was seriously hurt, with the exception of the buffalo, the incident resulted in several of the activists' arrests and write statement informative essay further antagonism between the parties involved. 15. The manner in which the essay memorable, conflict has been framed also limits its ability to write thesis statement informative be managed. For many, the issue has become one of buffalo vs. quality of life and for others, human greed vs. the lives of innocent creatures.

Such rigid views are perpetuated as opposing parties meet in frequently confrontational environments. If, for essay example, more emphasis were placed on eliminating the write good thesis essay, pain of essays starvation for the overpopulated buffalo rather than protecting nearby cattle and write good essay their owners from nature, brucellosis, members of the public might be less repulsed by the government shootings. Thesis Statement Essay! While such framing would not convince most activists of the benefits of the interim-management plan, more constructive dialogue between parties might result if the essays, rights of the buffalo were offered some consideration by proponents of the current management practice. Write Statement Informative! Public perception about the National Park Service -- as a corrupt and malfunctioning agency -- adds additional ill will to bar exam essay the situation. Statement Informative Essay! Frequently maligned by about, cattle owners and write thesis informative essay environmentalists alike, the park service is often seen as the cause of the Yellowstone buffalo controversy. Many ranchers contend that the agency's policy of natural management within the park system is responsible for the current problems of overpopulation among bison herds.

They believe that by of icc cup, actively managing the write good informative essay, animals as domestic cattle are managed, today's conflict would not exist. Activists on the other hand, fault the Park Service for essay bowing to pressure from the beef industry and essay placing the desires of cattle owners above the rights of buffalo. This practice of assigning blame must stop in order for constructive management of the conflict to begin. Parallels can be drawn between the essay of icc world cup, conflict surrounding Yellowstone buffalo and the controversy over the reintroduction of wolves into the national park and central Idaho. Both cases involve the collision of environmentalists' values with cattle owners' interests. While the wolf debate is in no way resolved, some compromise has been reached that allows the write good informative, animals to exist, albeit experimentally, while simultaneously granting ranchers the right to shoot members of the species that kill their cattle. Parties involved with the wolf debate remain dissatisfied with the recovery plan to some extent, and many have questioned the validity of any approach that involves human attempts to rush nature. Whatever one's stance on the issue however, some acknowledgment of the efforts involved in trip implementing the current wolf reintroduction plan to accommodate all sides of the controversy -- the activists' desire to see the wolf reintroduced, the cattle owners' desire to protect their livelihoods, and the wolves' right to exist in a region where they once thrived -- is good statement informative warranted.

Perhaps it can serve as a model for world cup the management of the buffalo conflict, if only to show that opposition does not necessarily mean a breakdown of communication. 'Nobody likes the thought of killing bison, but their numbers are exceeding the Yellowstone's forage capability. They're moving out write statement informative, of the park because they're starving to death.' -- Montana Cattleman 16. O ne of the more encouraging aspects of the Yellowstone buffalo controversy is the fact that most everyone, regardless of his or her background, dislikes seeing bison killed. As one of the nation's most revered animals, the buffalo commands a certain degree of respect from the American people, who have long recognized it as a unique symbol of their country and their heritage. 17 This affection for nature or nurture the animal could serve as a starting point for management of the write good thesis statement informative essay, conflict -- if consensus can be reached over the fundamental issue of whether it is best to manage bison populations through mass extermination, resolution of the current Yellowstone debate may not be far behind. Opponents to the interim-management plan have suggested various non-lethal methods that could be used to essays contain brucellosis, such as moving cattle grazing on land near Yellowstone Park to regions farther away to reduce the chances of interaction between cattle and thesis informative wild bison. For those herds that are not moved, widespread inoculation against the disease might be employed so that contact with wandering bison would pose no threat. This technique might also be applied to buffalo although it would be extremely difficult to locate all of the animals within Yellowstone and such action would conflict with the park's policy of natural management. As it stands now, the plight of the nature, Yellowstone buffalo seems unrelentingly bleak. The government killings continue amid protests. Inflammatory media coverage perpetuates hostility each time buffalo are killed.

Complete resolution of the conflict, to the satisfaction of all parties involved, seems impossible. However, better management of the controversy would have tremendous benefits on party relations and would enable friendlier dialogue to occur. This in good turn might lead to some type of compromise that is less offensive to i am an optimistic animal rights activist and the general public than is the current interim- management plan. If the gradual process by which wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park is informative essay any indication, alterations to nature essay Montana's interim-management plan for bison that wander outside the park will be difficult to immediately implement. Many attribute this to bureaucracy, but in write statement truth the essay answers, current conflict demands a lengthy, public procedure by which all concerns can be addressed. A s stated previously, some consensus exists among the parties involved in the conflict that killing bison is offensive. Although by no means unanimous, this sentiment is vital to achieving compromise.

In their book Breaking the write thesis statement, Impasse , Lawrence Susskind and essay cup Jeffrey Cruikshank emphasize the good informative, importance of consensus in resolving public disputes while simultaneously exploring its complexity: More often than not, though, technical. complexity, or differences over which. approach to implementation would be best, thwart such calls to action and dissipate the. consensus that seems to exist. 1. While many agree that killing the majestic buffalo is unnecessary, the perception remains that these creatures pose a threat to trip the well-being of humans and other animals. Because of this fear, it is widely accepted that some method of statement population control must be used to manage Yellowstone's thriving bison herds. Coupled with the nietzsche essays, nation's aversion to the current lethal management technique, it would seem that finding an acceptable alternative to killing the buffalo is not far off. It is at this point however, that all consensus. disintegrates and productive discussions between parties dissolve into acrimonious debates. Good Statement Essay! Because of its caustic nature, the Yellowstone buffalo conflict would benefit tremendously from the essay memorable, use of third party intervention.

Susskind and Cruikshank espouse the virtues of using neutral facilitators in negotiations primarily because parties to a conflict are often more willing to listen to a third party than to each other. Good Statement Essay! Also, facilitators usually establish, and nietzsche essays are able to write statement informative essay enforce, useful rules for discussions between hostile parties, such as limiting the essay, amount of time each individual is permitted to speak and prohibiting personal attacks from all discussions. Paul Wehr, a sociologist and renowned expert in conflict management, further details the advantages of third party intervention in his work:The new triadic system can serve to write thesis dissolve stalemate, produce disputant cooperation with (or against) the intervenor, provide for facesaving, reinforce intervenor prestige, permit tension release through facilitate communication and perform other functions openly acknowledged or merely suggested in the intervention process. Nietzsche! 2. As the controversy over the Yellowstone bison currently stands, a neutral individual is write thesis statement essay needed to bring the primary parties together so that con structive discussions and negotiations can begin. Because of the parties involved -- the essay memorable trip, National Park Service, the state of Montana, cattle owners, and write statement informative essay animal rights activists -- and the scope of the dispute, a professional mediator(s) would be most effective as a high level of facilitation expertise is required in this complex situation. Once underway, the essay memorable trip, mediation process must address several issues in order to be successful. In addition to the parties directly affected by the debate surrounding the Yellowstone buffalo, the general public should have a say in any future policy decisions. Good! One of the flaws of the present interim-management plan is the minimal public input included in its formation. Theoretically, as trustees of the national park, all Americans are entitled to nietzsche essays contribute to the formation of legislation that pertains to Yellowstone, which is public property.

Realistically, this does not occur but at the very least all Americans should have access to write thesis statement informative information regarding their national parks. As Susskind and Cruikshank point out, when involved in a dispute, making pertinent information available to all interested parties significantly lowers levels of nietzsche essays suspicion and mistrust. Typically, in heated controversies, misinformation that stems from rumors or stereotypes is generated. If disputing parties are encouraged to jointly seek out the information they require in good thesis statement order to have an world, informed discussion, such misinformation can be eliminated or at least greatly reduced. Similarly, a party's assumptions should be challenged for their accuracy as conflicts often arise from erroneous judgments. The point is that assumptions, opinions, and even values can change in the face of believable information; in write good informative order to achieve this important end, such assumptions must be identified and for an example scrutinized. 3 In the good thesis, conflict surrounding the essay memorable, Yellowstone buffalo there are facts that are questioned.

For instance, the possibility of brucellosis being transmitted from wild bison herds to good thesis informative domestic cattle is frequently refuted by opponents to a good introduction for an essay the interim-management plan since there are no known cases of such an occurrence. In addition, many critics dispute the need to shoot all bison -- both cows and bulls -- since cows are the primary carriers of brucellosis. While consensus on write informative essay these issues will probably never be achieved, it is important for the parties involved in the dispute to seek out reliable information and of icc research on brucellosis rather than basing their opinions on hearsay and other secondary accounts. A useful technique in any negotiation is the identification of expectations and acceptable solutions. If parties to a conflict realize that something to which they are opposed is inevitable, they are likely to accept that phenomenon provided that certain criteria are met. In such a situation, not all parties to the dispute can be completely satisfied with the write good statement essay, outcome but concessions can be made to achieve the of icc cup, best possible circumstances for all those involved. In this way, compromise is reached. Working together and good statement informative separately, all participants begin to envision and articulate at least one solution, whole or partial, that they find satisfactory. Obviously, if either side restricts itself to its ideal-world option . . Writing Essay Example! . the negotiations are in serious trouble. But such inflexibility usually reflects a preliminary tactic rather than a working posture. 4. Write Thesis Statement Informative Essay! By accepting the fact that some method of population control is required for the Yellowstone bison and by identifying acceptable alternatives to the current lethal technique, the parties in the buffalo debate should be able reach a reasonable compromise.

Cattlemen and women will be willing to work with individuals who recognize their interests and who acknowledge the nietzsche essays, need to keep the animals' numbers in write informative check. Personality Nature Or Nurture! Animal rights activists will undoubtedly accept non-lethal approaches to controlling the bison herds and good thesis essay safeguarding against the spread of brucellosis. Nietzsche Essays! Seeking options that give weight to the concerns of critics as well as proponents of the interim-management plan will avoid expensive and time-consuming court battles, which prevent the establishment of productive relationships between parties and allow for only one winner. Most animal rights activists are undoubtedly familiar with the work of Peter Singer, a philosopher who has written extensively on the exploitation of non-human animals by humans. Perhaps surprisingly to some, Singer does not argue vehemently for statement informative essay animal rights per se, but instead maintains that their interests should be offered equal consideration to those of humankind. According to i am Singer, humans rarely regard other life forms and have used non-human creatures to benefit their own needs since the earliest Western civilizations were established. 5 He labels this speciesism, which he defines as a prejudice or attitude of bias toward the interests of members of one's own species and against write thesis essay, those of writing a good introduction for an example members of other species. 6 In light of this, it is logical to assume that Singer would consider speciesist the government practice of killing bison that wander outside of Yellowstone as such action does not account for the interests of buffalo, only write good thesis statement those of humans.

While some might interpret his work as rigidly condemning all killing of non-human animals, in reality Singer has a much more tempered view. He recognizes the need for population control in some instances, provided that the spirit in which it is implemented gives weight to the interests of all animals. If we made an effort to develop more humane methods of population control for wild animals in reserves, it would not be difficult to come up with something better than what is done now. The trouble is that the authorities responsible for person essay wildlife have a 'harvest' mentality, and good statement essay are not interested in finding techniques of population control which would reduce the number of animals to be 'harvested' by hunters. 7. A change in essay trip attitude is essential if we are to manage non-human animals for their own sakes and statement essay not simply because we perceive them to be an inconvenience to our lives, says Singer. Given his views on population control, it is writing a good introduction essay example clear that Singer's ethic of statement consideration can be integrated into some type of compromise for the Yellowstone buffalo conflict that accounts for the interests of all involved parties, including the bison's. Although many federal and state government agents, as well as the ranchers involved in essay answers the Yellowstone buffalo dispute, would consider Singer's beliefs to be radical and perhaps offensive, the thesis essay, underlying message that Singer promotes -- of respect for life -- is one that even staunch conservatives should be willing to adopt. Memorable! In today's political climate with such a strong emphasis on write good statement essay values, what more fundamental concept exists than the value of life? Many people do not understand that this idea extends to bar exam answers all species as well as to our surrounding environment. While it is unreasonable to expect the entire human race to alter its collective lifestyle in order to write good thesis statement essay address this issue of bar exam essay answers respect, it should be asked that everyone learn to consider other interests besides their own. Although this may seem like a slow and good thesis informative inefficient tactic with which to resolve conflicts, as Singer points out, we must change underlying beliefs before we can change behavior.

Careful consideration of this idea put forth by Singer and a good introduction for an others might improve the prospect of solving the Yellowstone buffalo debate as well as many other conflicts that plague our society. If we can relearn the value of life, perhaps we will stop trying to manage nature and write good informative instead accept our humble role as one of its constituents. I n all probability, total resolution of the Yellowstone buffalo conflict remains an unattainable goal. With the aid of a neutral third party however, there is promising potential for manageability provided that the public is involved and personal animosity is put aside during negotiations. Additionally, future discussions about alternatives to Montana's present interim-management plan should emphasize respect for life -- an of icc, idea that all involved parties should be receptive to given their aversion to killing the buffalo. With patience, creativity and awareness of the implications of their actions, interested parties to the Yellowstone buffalo dispute should be able to formulate an write good essay, alternate plan that everyone, both human and non-human, can live with. 1 Bryan Hodgson, Buffalo Back Home on the. Range, National Geographic , November.

2 David A. Dary, The Buffalo Book: The Full. Saga of the American Animal (Chicago: The. Swallow Press, Inc., 1974), 70. 4 Aubrey L. Haines, The Yellowstone Story: A. History of Our First National Park. Personality Or Nurture! (Wyoming: Yellowstone Library, 1977), 471. 7 Robert B. Keiter and Mark S. Boyce, Editors, The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: Redefining America's Wilderness Heritage. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1991),

10 Kit Miniclier, Global Probe is Urges on. Yellowstone Danger, Denver Post, March 3, 11 Craig Vetter, The Buffalo Wars, Outside , 12 Todd Wilkinson, Yellowstone Cancels Bison Kill Because of Lawsuit, High Country. News , April 22, 1991, p.3. 13 Five Bison Leaving Park Shot, Denver.

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Michael C. Vanier: computer programming skills resume. Most of my thesis work involved building realistic computer simulations of the brain (specifically the mammalian olfactory cortex). In the process of write statement informative essay doing this work, I discovered that I really liked programming and I've ended up spending a lot of bar exam essay answers time learning new programming languages and programming tools just for thesis statement essay, fun. Nietzsche Essays. I have a particular fondness for unusual programming languages and new programming paradigms, which I guess is why I'm making a living teaching programming now ;-) I've also periodically done part-time jobs to make extra money, all of which have been programming-related. Informative. I describe my computer skills and the jobs I've worked on essay memorable trip below. NOTE: Some parts of this document are obsolete and write good informative, need an overhaul.

What this means in practice is that I actually know and personality nature or nurture, have worked on more stuff than is in this document, though I try to keep it reasonably up to date. The HTML also needs to be cleaned up. Large programming projects I've worked on. Personal Spider, Inc. During the dot-com boom, I was one of the good statement essay, core programmers in an internet startup company called Personal Spider Inc. (PSI). I'm was also one of the company founders, was on the board of a good essay example directors, and was the chief science officer. I've done a limited amount of management of other programmers as well. Due to write statement essay, NDAs, I can't disclose the details of the nietzsche, work I did with PSI, but in general it involves building internet tools for medium-sized web sites.

There was a considerable amount of pattern-recognition and language processing work involved as well, which nicely leveraged a lot of the skills I've learned in the course of my work at Caltech. The code was entirely in Python. This company failed to write thesis, secure adequate funding and introduction for an, is now defunct. Tspice and thesis essay, Wedit I worked part-time for 18 months at essay world cup Tanner Research Inc. as a programmer. While there I worked on several projects, using a combination of C, C++ and Python as programming languages. All of these involved developing tools for simulating VLSI circuits. Thesis Informative. Most of memorable trip my work was on Unix platforms, mainly Sun Solaris.

The projects included: Porting two graphically-oriented software packages from Windows to Unix. One package was a circuit-simulation package (Tspice), while the other was a graphical display package for visualizing the outputs of the Tspice program (Wedit). Enhancing the Tspice circuit simulation program so it could work over a network. This was Unix-specific.

Adding capabilities to the Tspice circuit simulation program; specifically, I modified the program to: support dependent voltage and current sources (VCCS, VCVS, CCCS, CCVS) whose branch characteristic equations were polynomials in the dependent source values. handle impact ionization parameters in a broad class of transistor models. Working on adding algorithms to good statement essay, the Tspice simulation package to make it work on parallel computers. Gambit I worked for essay, several months with Richard McKelvey in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Caltech. I'm did a variety of programming jobs involving the Gambit game-theory simulator, which is written in write good statement informative C++. Originally, I was working on building a GUI record/playback system. I built a prototype, but the project money ran out after that. I also ported the bar exam essay answers, gambit GUI to use the wxxt-1.67 implementation of wxWindows for write good informative essay, Unix using Xt widgets only (i.e. which doesn't require Motif), and essay memorable, set up a CVS code archive. A database-backed web site This was a prototype for a commercial web site that involved collecting form data from thesis informative, individuals, storing the results in essay about trip a database, computing values based on those results, and returning these results to write good statement informative, the user. Personality Essay. In other words, it was like every other commercial web site on the planet. I used Python, MySQL, PHP, and apache to build the site. Interestingly, the person I worked for on write thesis statement this project turned out to be dishonest, and he still owes me over $1000 for the work I did for him.

GNU shogi This is my hobby project. GNU shogi is i am essay, a program that plays shogi (Japanese chess), and good thesis essay, it's part of the essay world cup, GNU project. The program is described in great detail in the link above. C++ I've worked on a couple of medium-to-large projects in write essay C++ (the Wedit program and nietzsche essays, the Gambit game-theory simulator), mostly on write thesis statement essay maintaining, porting, and/or extending previously-existing projects. I've also written some neural network simulations in C++. Essay Cup. I believe that C++ is thesis essay, better for large projects than C due to its object-oriented features. It's also probably the fastest OO language.

However, it can be difficult to use effectively because of its great complexity. And, as mentioned for C, the lack of garbage collection discourages you from using many kinds of data structures, although C++ is at writing essay least far superior to C in this regard because of destructors. Statement Informative. In addition, there are freely-available conservative garbage collectors for essay about memorable, C++ such as the Boehm-Demers GC which could in theory make C++ programming much more pleasant (I say in theory because I've never done it in C++, although I have done it in C). One thing I will say about C++ is that, unlike Perl, where the language seems arbitrarily complex for no good reason, the complexity in thesis statement informative essay C++ is an accurate reflection of the kinds of things that are typically done in a good essay the language. Thesis. Whether a simpler language with equivalent power could be created is an interesting research problem; I find it revealing that C++ is essentially the essay of icc cup, only language in its design space (object-oriented languages that fully support low-level programming). Modula-3 had some of C++'s low-level features but never caught on (and had much weaker OO support). Java The largest Java program I've written was a prototype neural simulator in write statement essay Java (as an exploration of the language as a possible future implementation language for GENESIS). This came to about 7000 lines of code. Java is nicer in most ways than C++. It's safer, cleaner, and has very few weird features. Person. Having automatic garbage collection is also a huge win from the programmer's standpoint.

They left out some features of write thesis statement informative C++ I liked (templates and operator overloading) but there are compilers that support those features too (and the Java standard has already generics, which solve many of the nature essay, same problems that templates solved, albeit in a completely different way). The main problem with Java is speed: it's about 10-20 times slower than C when run byte-coded, and maybe 1.5-3 times slower when using a JIT (just-in-time compiler). This makes it much less attractive to people like me who do simulations, where you can never have enough speed. Thesis Statement. However, it is memorable, extremely attractive when portability is more important than speed. The Java environment is also quite nice, and eliminates most of the hassle from doing e.g. portable graphics or network programming. One thing I dislike about Java is its verbosity; code in write statement essay Java is often much longer than equivalent code written in essay of icc world other languages because of the plethora of mandatory declarations. Python Python is good statement informative essay, my scripting language of choice. I've written innumerable little data-munging scripts in Python (several thousand lines of nietzsche essays code). I've also made a version of the GENESIS neural simulator that used Python as its extension language instead of the good thesis statement informative, standard GENESIS script language. Nietzsche Essays. I built a networked version of the Tspice circuit simulation program using Python to handle the networking connections between the graphical interface and write good informative essay, the computing engine. The database-backed web site I worked on had Python code which generated thousands of lines of PHP code (!).

The Personal Spider project is written entirely in Python. In addition, these web pages are created from template files written in essay Python. I like Python because it can do everything Perl does, but it's much cleaner in design, is object-oriented, and the code is more readable than in write good informative any other computer language I know of. It's also a great extension/embedding language for large software packages. Check out the Python home page for more details.

I worked on a fairly large prototype of a commercial web site involving putting a database up on a web site where PHP was the server-side scripting language. It came to answers, about 10,000 lines of PHP code, of which about half were automatically generated (by Python scripts that I wrote :-)). Good Thesis Statement Informative. Server-side scripting languages are a great idea and are essential for this kind of work. However, PHP is nature essay, sucks big time as a computer language; in good thesis statement informative essay fact, I never want to use it again as long as I live. The way arrays are implemented is particularly hilarious. (Maybe the language has improved now; I don't know.) If I do this kind of work again I'll look into alternatives such as Ruby on answers Rails or one of the Python web frameworks, or else write my own web framework. Lisp and Scheme I've done bits and write thesis statement, pieces of Lisp and Scheme programming (Scheme is a dialect of Lisp) but no very large projects.

I did write a formatter for about, the C language in Emacs lisp which is about 400 lines long in its current version. I've written a prototype implementation of a computer language in Scheme, but I switched to Ocaml for the final implementation. I've read several books on Lisp and good essay, Scheme (e.g. Writing A Good For An Essay. Abelson and Sussman's Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and Graham's ANSI Common Lisp and On Lisp) and subscribe or have subscribed to informative, several mailing lists for various implementations of Scheme. Finally, I teach Scheme as part of the CS 1 course at Caltech. I like Lisp and Scheme a lot, because they're among the essay about memorable, most flexible, powerful and extensible computer languages ever invented (not surprising, considering that they're based on lambda calculus). Write Good Thesis Statement Informative. Lisp is usually thought of as an artificial intelligence (AI) language but it's actually general-purpose; it's just that other languages aren't flexible enough for AI, so Lisp is used in that domain by default.

Lisp has a prefix syntax which uses lots of essay of icc world cup parentheses that many people find ugly and hard to understand, but I've found that you get used to it quickly (and I actually prefer it because it's so unambiguous). Also, most people think Lisp is slow, but it's not: several Common Lisp systems have compilers that can produce code which is almost as fast as C ( e.g. within a factor of 2). A good recent example of this is Steel Bank Common Lisp. The reason Lisp and Scheme are important is that they're virtually the only computer languages that combine the following: full support for thesis informative, both imperative and functional programming (OK, Ocaml also gives you this, but Lisp is more general). A Good Introduction Example. macros, which allow you to write code that writes code. These are not like macros in C; Lisp macros operate on the syntactic structure of the code, not just on the string representation of code. Macros are one of the write statement, key elements that make it possible to implement support for new programming paradigms ( e.g. object-oriented programming, logic programming) within the language itself. Read Paul Graham's book On Lisp (currently out of print, but downloadable for free) for much more on macros.

I used to be keen on essays Guile, a dialect of Scheme designed to be a scripting language, but that project has had a number of problems, the thesis informative essay, most serious of which is a chronic lack of decent documentation. Right now I advocate mzscheme, the Scheme implementation for the Dr. Bar Exam. Scheme project. Mzscheme is write statement informative, a beautifully-written version of Scheme which works well as an extension language. In addition, it has great documentation and its developers include some of the foremost names in the Scheme world.

I encourage everyone who is essay of icc world, really a serious programmer and who needs a scripting and/or extension language to good informative essay, look at mzscheme. Realistically, however, I know that most programmers are incredibly conservative and will never be able to get past Scheme's somewhat odd syntax. Objective CAML (Ocaml) and an optimistic, Standard ML These languages have strong static polymorphic type systems and write thesis informative essay, mainly support functional programming with strict evaluation, although they also support imperative programming. Nature Or Nurture. If you understood that last statement, you probably spend WAY too much time programming :-) These languages are very interesting for serious programmers, and are very pleasant to program in. Thesis Statement Informative Essay. The largest project I've done in Ocaml so far is an implementation of a dynamically-typed functional programming language (which I also designed). I Am An Optimistic Person. This language is write good thesis statement informative, basically a cross between Forth and Scheme; the Ocaml code came to about 4500 lines of code, which is nietzsche essays, pretty small for statement essay, a full language implementation. Ocaml, in essays particular, is so great that it has become one of statement informative essay my languages of choice for new projects. Just look at what it gives you: full support for imperative, functional, and object-oriented programming; amazingly fast execution (often beats C++ on speed tests); strong static polymorphic type-checking (this catches a HUGE number of bugs at writing introduction essay example compile time); a very powerful type system, which lets you describe the program structurally in terms of its types so that if it passes the type checker it is almost correct by good statement essay construction; type inference, so you usually don't have to declare types; a very efficient generational garbage collector; portable bytecode compilation or fast native-code compilation; a large standard library; a large user base; a powerful module system with functors and personality nature essay, separate compilation; language customization using camlp4 (caml pretty-printer and preprocessor); a foreign function interface to thesis informative essay, C code; and lots more ;-) Ocaml only has two problems.

First, its syntax is idiosyncratic and somewhat grungy, especially for imperative programming. Memorable. The syntax is also too free-form for my taste (over 100 shift-reduce conflicts in the grammar). The other (much more serious) problem is that ocaml totally spoils you; after you get over write statement essay the (admittedly large) learning curve, programming in C or C++ feels like Chinese water torture and programming in Java or Python feels like playing with children's blocks. Bar Exam Essay Answers. On the positive side, you'll probably program five times as fast and spend 1/5 the time debugging as you would in those languages. Ocaml is not a perfect programming language but it's so far ahead of the nearest competitor that it's just incredible.

Incidentally, the CAML in write good thesis statement essay ocaml stands for Categorical Abstract Machine Language; I hope that clears that up ;-) Haskell Ah, Haskell. Nature Essay. how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. ;-) Haskell is my new favorite language, even though I recognize that it isn't yet suitable for many tasks. It's the most beautiful computer language I've ever used. It is a pure functional language with lazy evaluation, type classes, and good, uses monads (an advanced concept that comes from category theory) to handle input/output, state transitions, and person essay, much more in a purely functional setting. Well-written Haskell code is so concise and elegant it will make you cry. If C code is one step up from assembly language, good Haskell code is one step down from poetry, or from a beautiful mathematical theorem. And one of the things I like most about it is that it was two of my students (Brandon Moore and Aaron Plattner) who were responsible for thesis informative, turning me on personality essay to Haskell (being a teacher has its perks). Haskell also has an incredibly rich and deep literature, a very active user base consisting of some of the smartest programmers in the world, and write good statement essay, is just a joy to use.

I think the essays, big lesson of Haskell is compositionality : the ability to take small things and build bigger things out of them. This is much like the component concept you see in large-scale programming, but brought down to the micro-level: every piece of code in Haskell is essentially a black-box component, because the thesis statement informative essay, language is completely referentially transparent (that's what purely functional means, after all). I used to think I understood functional programming well when I programmed in Scheme and i am, Ocaml, but learning Haskell has shown me that pure functional programming is potentially much more powerful than impure functional programming (which is what Scheme and Ocaml represent). I could go on for pages about how great Haskell is, but instead I'll just point you to the Haskell home page. Forth I've played around with Forth for years and have done some simple neural network simulations in it. Forth is a low-level but extensible and interactive threaded-interpreted language which is write good, mainly used for embedded systems programming due to its low memory usage.

It has an unusual stack-based postfix syntax that is not conducive to writing readable code. It's a lot of fun to play with, because you can extend any part of the language (the implementation is completely exposed, for better or for an optimistic, worse), and write thesis statement, most of the language is nature or nurture essay, written in itself. It's also fast for an interpreted language. Good Informative Essay. However, it's too slow for serious simulation work and too difficult to essays, use for scripting, so I don't use it anymore, except when I get bored :-) To me, Forth is a fascinating example of a language that is too simple for its own good i.e. Write Good Statement Informative. it violates Einstein's dictum of make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler. Nature Essay. In Forth's case, the excessive simplicity of the parser means that simple grouping operations are unreasonably difficult (unlike in statement Lisp/Scheme, where the parentheses take care of grouping). I believe there is room for higher-level stack-based languages inspired by Forth and Lisp, and I even implemented one ;-) That project is currently languishing in the I'll-get-back-to-it-when-I-get-bored category. GENESIS neural simulation system The GENESIS neural simulation system forms a large part of my thesis work. I Am. GENESIS includes a simple script language of its own called SLI (which means, imaginatively enough, Script Language Interpreter).

SLI is an atrocious scripting language; it would take pages to write informative essay, describe how awful it is. However, one virtue of GENESIS as a whole is that you can add new data types and commands to memorable, the language fairly easily. Matlab Matlab is the well-known data-analysis and numerical computation program. I've used Matlab for lots of small data-analysis jobs and (mainly) for graphics. I dislike the write thesis informative essay, Matlab language, which is very poorly designed, but Matlab's numerical routines are very useful and the graphics that Matlab produces are excellent. Mathematica I use Mathematica whenever I have a really gnarly algebra or calculus problem to deal with. I like it; it's a lot like Lisp with a nicer interface (although the Mathematica people don't give credit where it's due e.g. to the MacSyma program which predated it). However, I don't like proprietary software, so I don't use it much. I'd love to see an open-source program of comparable abilities. Unix shells: sh, csh, zsh I've written loads of essay memorable shell scripts in sh, csh, and zsh (usually sh).

I nearly always switch to Python when the write good statement informative essay, job gets sufficiently big (which usually means over twenty lines long), but shell scripts are great for gluing other programs together. Much of the data analysis work I've done has involved a combination of shell scripts, Python scripts, and C programs, usually strung together in nietzsche essays a long pipeline. make Make is the program used to coordinate a complex series of commands when compiling a program. It took me a while to write statement informative, realize that make is a programming language in its own right, albeit one very different from the nietzsche essays, ones I'm used to; it's more like a rule-based AI language such as Prolog. The GENESIS Makefiles are pretty nasty and write statement, I've hacked on them extensively. Essay. I've also worked on write statement informative lots of bar exam answers Makefiles for good essay, other projects I've been involved in. I use GNU make exclusively; it has some very useful extensions over standard makes.

Perl Perl is a scripting language which combines the power of a lot of Unix tools into writing one language ( e.g. sh, sed, awk, and some of statement informative essay C). I've written many small throwaway scripts in Perl. The largest thing I did in Perl was a series of introduction for an essay scripts to statement informative essay, convert files representing neural morphologies into files representing simpler morphologies that are roughly equivalent. This is an essential part of my thesis work, and was about answers 2500 line of Perl code. Perl is quite fast for a scripting language, and is good for text and file manipulation, but it's very complex and I loathe its weird context dependencies and its syntax, which is full of funny magic characters and assorted bogosities too numerous to write good statement informative, name here. I also hate the fact that there are way too many ways of doing exactly the same thing (or much worse, ALMOST the same thing but not quite). I find that most of the complexity in Perl is totally unnecessary and is mainly the result of bad design choices made early on, in essay of icc world contrast to good thesis informative essay, Python, which has equivalent power but is much easier to learn and use.

I gave up Perl completely as soon as I learned Python, and so should you. Tcl/Tk I've done some simple neural network simulations with a graphical interface in bar exam answers Tcl/Tk. Tcl was the original Unix scripting language, and is quite simple to good thesis informative essay, use. However, I don't use it anymore because Python does everything Tcl/Tk do, it does it better, and it does much more. Put simply, Tcl blows. Fortran Fortran was my first programming language, but I haven't done serious work in it for writing a good introduction example, a long time. Write Thesis Statement. It's an easy language to learn but a pain to use for essay answers, anything but number-crunching. Good Statement Informative. Also, it encourages bad programming habits; I like to say that Fortran causes brain damage :-) I believe that early exposure to Fortran is the reason so few physicists can write decent programs. Pascal I programmed in Pascal years ago, but I no longer do, because there are much better alternatives. Pascal is nietzsche essays, clean, simple, very limited, and write good statement informative essay, totally boring.

Javascript The client-side web scripting language. Essay Answers. I did a little Javascript hacking for a database-backed web site project. It's pretty straightforward. Eiffel Eiffel is a very nice object-oriented language that could potentially replace C++ or Java for many projects if enough people knew about it. Write Good Essay. It has a very powerful object system and supports Design by Contract, which is essentially an expanded assertion system that makes it much easier to essay of icc world cup, make very reliable software. Unfortunately, the compilers I've used produce code which is not nearly as fast as code produced by C/C++ compilers, which rules it out for most of the stuff I'm interested in. In addition, it can't compete with Java for the things Java is best at ( e.g. portable graphics). Also, there is only one free implementation that I know of, the GNU SmartEiffel compiler (which is very good).

Eiffel also has some issues involving its type system which requires programs to do whole-program analysis at link time to make sure a program is valid; this makes the language much less attractive in the internet world where dynamic loading of code libraries is a normal part of life. Smalltalk SmallTalk was one of the earliest object-oriented languages (not the first, though: Simula was the first). It has not really caught on, probably because its syntax is thesis statement informative, quite odd, but it has had a major influence on newer languages like Java and Python. There is a recent reimplementation called Squeak which is really wonderful, is memorable trip, free software, and is attracting a lot of statement essay attention; if you're interested in Smalltalk, you should start there. Although Smalltalk's syntax is odd, it's very consistent, and this makes Smalltalk extremely easy to learn; you could summarize the entire language in one page. That makes sense, since it was originally designed to be a language that children could use. Smalltalk has also been a heavy influence on a good introduction for an other languages, notably the scripting language Ruby. All computer language designers should study Smalltalk carefully; there is write good informative, much to memorable, learn from it. Personally, studying Smalltalk gave me a big aha! moment: I never really understood the essence of object-oriented programming until I learned Smalltalk.

Dylan Dylan is write thesis statement informative, essentially a dialect of lisp with optional static typing and about, an infix syntax. If Dylan ever becomes more widely available it could become very popular as a fast scripting language. Definitely worth watching. Ruby Ruby is a scripting language that is sort of like a cross between Python and Smalltalk, with a dash of Perl thrown in for bad measure. It's more purely object-oriented than Python is, which I like, but it's also more syntactically heavy, which I dislike. If Python didn't exist, Ruby would be my scripting language of choice. J and APL J is the modern dialect of APL, the famous array-processing language with all the funny characters. J uses ASCII characters only (fortunately) but is good thesis informative, still incredibly cryptic.

It's also proprietary, although free versions are available. In the right hands, I think J could be a pretty cool data-analysis language. Modula-3 Modula-3 is another object-oriented language descended from Pascal. It's no longer used much, but it was a major influence on Java and nietzsche, Python, so its genes live on :-) To me, one of its coolest features is the notion of an unsafe module that can perform low-level tasks usually done using C or C++. This gives it much of the power of those languages, but unlike them, Modula-3 is safe by default. The C# language adopted this feature. Prolog Prolog is write statement informative, basically an AI language which operates by nietzsche defining facts and rules for write thesis essay, deriving new facts from old ones.

I've read one book on about Prolog but haven't done any real programming in it. It looks fascinating, though: it's a whole new paradigm of programming. m4 macro language I used this for setting up the automatic configuration for my hobby project (GNU shogi). Write Thesis Statement Informative Essay. It only person, required about a couple of hundred lines of m4 code, which is just as well; it's pretty nasty. sed, awk These are Unix text-processing mini-languages. I've used them as part of shell scripts, but don't claim to good statement informative, be an expert in either. Anything awk can do can usually be done better by Python or Perl anyway. Programming languages I've written or worked on.

The GENESIS neural simulator I worked with for my Ph.D. thesis included a home-brew script language imaginatively called SLI (for script language interpreter). I hacked on it a bit, but it was such a poorly designed piece of crap that I lost interest quickly. It served as a useful illustration of how not to nietzsche, design a language. I wrote an interesting scripting language called Tap (named after the fake rock band Spinal Tap). Good Thesis Statement Essay. I designed it myself and wrote it entirely from scratch in ocaml. I Am Essay. The idea behind Tap was to create a hybrid of Forth and Scheme. It would have a postfix syntax like Forth (which means it has a lexer but no real parser; every token is executed immediately), but would also be a full-fledged functional language like Scheme, with a full environment model, first class functions, yadda yadda. Good Statement Informative. I was interested to essay about, see if merging the good thesis informative essay, Forth approach to programming with the Scheme approach would be interesting. And, in fact, it was interesting. Here is some sample Tap code: I learned a lot from nietzsche, working on Tap, even though I don't work on it or use the informative, language any more.

I found that I had to essays, fight the tendency to write good statement informative, make the language overly complex, because ocaml made it so easy to an optimistic person essay, make big changes (even stupid ones). Even so, I'm not happy with the result -- for one thing, the internals are too complex for my taste. I also tried too hard to make it Lisp-like, for write good thesis, instance by writing a good introduction for an example trying to support things like syntactic macros which don't fit in nicely with a postfix model of computation. Similarly, I tried too hard to make the base syntax user-modifiable. In contrast, I neglected vitally important things like modules which do fit in to the model and are essential for any real programming language IMO. Also, using ocaml as the write good essay, implementation language was a mixed blessing. It certainly improved my skill with the language, it gives you garbage collection for free, and it's generally a joy to work with, but it's too restrictive in some ways. For instance, you can't have native-code shared libraries, which is a huge lose for a scripting language.

Perhaps the biggest mistake I made with Tap is that I didn't have an application area defined before I started working on it. It's usually a good idea to have a specific application or set of applications to guide the nietzsche, language design. Picoforth is a Forth dialect (much more so than Tap, which was merely inspired by Forth). It preserves the things I liked about Forth (extreme interactivity, easy factoring, easy access to data representations) while getting rid of the many things I hated about it. Its goal was to be a scripting language for applications or libraries written in C (much like most scripting languages) and it's was written in C. It features conservative garbage collection, a much richer data model than Forth (which isn't saying much), and a better module (vocabulary) model. Good Statement Informative. The implementation is basically an indirect-threaded interpreter like Forth. One of essay of icc cup these days, though, I really have to write good statement informative essay, sit down and write a Forth implementation from essay, scratch in assembly language, if only to teach myself assembly language. That's how Chuck Moore did it originally, and if it's good enough for write good statement informative, Chuck. BogoScheme started as a tiny Scheme interpreter I wrote in a few hours in ocaml for an ocaml course I teach. There was nothing particularly interesting about the personality nature or nurture essay, original version, aside from the write essay, fact that it was a Turing-complete Scheme interpreter in about 700 lines of i am an optimistic person essay code, with first-class functions and good thesis statement informative, correct lexical scoping.

The bogo- prefix doesn't mean that the language is nietzsche essays, broken; it just means that it (currently) lacks huge numbers of good statement features that full-fledged Scheme interpreters have. Also, I liked the idea that source code files would have names ending in .bs . Writing For An Essay. Truth in advertising! Of course, no language ever stays small for long, and since I wrote BogoScheme I've been systematically expanding it, with the goal of making a full R6RS-compliant Scheme implementation (the R6RS standard isn't finalized yet, but a draft is available at ). I also want to experiment with writing a Scheme compiler for the language, something I've been interested in ever since I read Abelson and Sussman's Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. And, of course, it's really fun. My longer-term goal is to use BogoScheme as a vehicle for web programming. I have technical reasons for believing that Scheme would be a superb language for web programming, and write good, I'd like to try it out. Of course, I could use a pre-existing Scheme implementation, but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun. Other programming projects of mine. mosh is nature, a Unix shell I've written in Ocaml. It's very primitive at the moment, but I want to expand it until I can ditch bash and zsh entirely (at least, for good thesis statement informative essay, interactive use).

The goal of essay about memorable mosh is to be a superb interactive shell, not a shell scripting language. I don't care much about shell scripting, because my shell scripts are never long (if they get longer than about twenty lines, I switch to a real scripting language like python instead). Write Good. However, I do care a lot about comfortable interaction with a shell, and I want to use mosh to experiment with new features while simultaneously avoiding the gigantic amount of cruft that plagues zsh . Admittedly, this isn't an Earth-shaking project; it's mostly for fun and learning. The name mosh stands for M ike's O caml SH ell. Apache is the most-used web server in the world, and is totally open-source.

I've compiled and set up an nietzsche essays, Apache server for my database-backed web site project. I set up the server to support PHP and good thesis informative, MySQL as well, which required a little cleverness (but not much). I like Apache; it seems to be robust and effective. TeX/LaTeX The document-processing systems. I use these to a good for an essay, typeset all my scientific papers. I hate LaTeX, but I don't have a better alternative.

I especially hate the TeX language that is at the heart of LaTeX. Don Knuth may be a genius in write good thesis statement informative the field of computer algorithms, but that doesn't make him a genius in answers computer language design. Ugh. CORBA I've played around with CORBA a bit, mainly using a Python ORB called Fnorb. I was once excited about the potential of CORBA for making network programming easier and for making it easy to integrate modules written in write good different languages, but now I've lost interest. I Am Person. CORBA is too big, too bulky, and has too much overhead for my tastes. Also, it has a design-by-committee feel to it.

CVS and Subversion. I have used CVS (Concurrent Version System) to manage source code revisions for several projects. It's not perfect, but it gets the write thesis statement informative essay, job done. I've also set up CVS archives for the Gambit project and for other projects. Cup. Then I switched to Subversion, which I preferred, but not by much.

Now I use Darcs (written in Haskell, by the way). Lex, Yacc and friends. Lex and Yacc (or their GNU equivalents, flex and bison) are, respectively, lexer and write thesis informative essay, parser generators. They enable you to write parsers for new programming languages fairly easily, by stating the parsing rules. I've done some work on essay answers Yacc for the Tspice project, and I used lex extensively for my cellreader library in GENESIS. I also know the Ocaml equivalents, ocamllex and ocamlyacc , quite well. Emacs and Vim Emacs and write good thesis, Vim are two great programmer's text editors. I used Emacs exclusively for essay, years until I finally discovered Vim, and write essay, I haven't used Emacs since.

Vim's modal editing really saves time. SWIG SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) is a nifty tool that makes it very easy to build scripting interfaces to C or C++ code. I used it to build a version of GENESIS that used Python as its scripting language. autoconf autoconf is another cool tool that I used to automate the i am an optimistic essay, configuration process for my hobby project (GNU shogi). If you've ever had to hack through a dozen Makefiles to good thesis informative, make a program compile on a different version of Unix than the one it was written on, then you can appreciate what autoconf does.

With autoconf, you just have to do configure; make; make install and you're (usually) done.

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Alexandra Levit's Water Cooler Wisdom. Essay? Employment Digest has an interesting post on the qualities that potential employers want to see, and how these qualities can be translated on a resume. Among them: · Communication Skills: For example, the phrase “Ability to be persuasive when interacting with clients, junior colleagues and essay of icc world cup CEO both in write good thesis informative essay, person and via telephone and e-mail” or “Wrote clear, informative and effective guidelines to ensure successful project execution.” · Motivation/Initiative: For example, the phrase “Set and achieved challenging goals while demonstrating persistence, commitment and dedication” or “Identified and implemented ways to improve and promote quality through accuracy and essays thoroughness.” · Leadership: For example, the phrase “Inspired, motivated and incentivized a team of good essay, talented professionals performance” or “Monitored, evaluated and enhanced individual and team performance.” · Flexibility/Adaptability: For example, the phrase “Adapted to changing needs of individual business units” or “Followed company guidelines and instructions and adapted rapidly to management directional changes.” · Organizational Skills: For example, the phrase “Planned and prioritized to ensure that set deadlines are met” or “Coordinated and scheduled colleagues’ work.” I appreciate the spirit of nietzsche, this post, because it’s always important to consider the statement informative, point of view of the employer when crafting a resume, and these are qualities that most, if not all employers, would look for. However, I do feel that these examples are a bit vague. What challenging goals did you set, and how exactly did you achieve them? What specific things did you do to motivate your team to perform? What was involved in scheduling your team’s work? Remember that employers want to essay of icc cup, see concrete examples of write good statement, how you were able to contribute to a former company, and how the organization was better off as a result of the work that you performed. This means that in addition to describing attractive qualities and personality nature or nurture skills, you will want to use hard numbers and statistics that show quantitative change. Good Informative? The Employment Digest post hits the target, but I wholeheartedly agree with you that words - even those eye-catching verbs that should be in every resume - are not enough.

You need to quantify wherever you can, but in many cases, dropping in numbers may be tough to accomplish if you#39;re not sure of the impact your work had on efficiency, productivity, revenue growth, or market share. What to do? Keep a running work diary of your roles, and find a way to gauge the impact of each role. If it#39;s hard to attach a number, talk with a colleague who might keep better tabs so that, when you want to update your resume, you don#39;t have to struggle to piece together the introduction essay, complete story. Great idea, Rick! I#39;ve found that writing case studies on your projects is informative essay, also a great way of forcing yourself to quantify results, and if you can get your boss to include those as part of of icc world cup, your regular job responsibilities, so much the thesis essay, better!

Remember that not all industries value the same kind of information on a resume. When looking for nature, an I.T. job, technical skills are, by far, more important than leadership or initiative. Scott: That is indeed true about the importance of technical skills in IT jobs. May I also add that in statement essay, many IT jobs, especially in corporate IT organizations, communication skills are just as important - if not more - to keep the IT systems running and for about, gathering end-user requirements for application development. Just wanted to jump in thesis statement informative essay, and thank everyone for the great discussion on this topic. It#39;s important to note that resume requirements vary by i am industry, which is why I always recommend that people obtain several sample resumes from their field before attempting to write good thesis statement essay, craft their own. A resume is an enticing story document emphasizing accomplishments, providing the essay, reader with a snap shot of you. It should knock them dead! The Employment Digest is correct in portraying the attributes or qualities potential employers are seeking. However, they are also looking for thesis essay, performers, people who consistently excel. Memorable Trip? As a highly experienced and respected Resume Writer, my job is to make my clients stand out from the competition.

Accomplishments speak volumes about a person. I always can only make my clients look seductive based on the information they provide me during a probing interview. The more detail on good thesis informative, the impact you made, the more interviews will be obtained. A diary or brag book can be of great value when it comes to the time to prepare a resume. Great discussion about bar exam answers, resumes and how to improve them. I discuss resumes on my blog - Check it out when you get a chance! I take this chancce to thank all those who have contributed their views on resume writing.It comes out very clear that,resume writing helps to a greater extent in c.v writing.Keep on e-trainig.

Fantastic Article and write essay discussion. Really helpful. Introduction For An? I have been following this for good thesis informative essay, some days now and found it very good. Great Job. This is only a preview. Essay Of Icc Cup? Your comment has not yet been posted. The letters and essay numbers you entered did not match the image. World? Please try again.

As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Having trouble reading this image? View an alternate. Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the write informative essay, author has approved them. (Name is required. Email address will not be displayed with the comment.)

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essay myflorida com November / December 2016. Table of write good statement essay, Contents. DBS€™ Successes Will Continue in 2017. Before the new year commences, I want to thank you for your accomplishments and hard work for the last year.

It has really been a great one for the Division of Blind Services. One of the highlights for this year has been our 75th anniversary celebration. Since April 2016, DBS has hosted several statewide ceremonies and expos. Essay World. As a state and nation, we have come a long way over write statement essay the last 75 years in terms of how individuals with disabilities are treated, a fact in which all Floridians can take great pride. DBS has been able to increase accessibility and inclusion for Floridians in the blind and visually impaired community, and we are committed to continue this progress so everyone benefiting from our system has the greatest opportunity for a successful future. As part of the person essay, anniversary ceremony, DBS has inducted nearly 50 new members into the Successful 75, an award program that recognizes individuals, organizations and businesses who have remained steadfast in the advancement of independence for persons who are blind and visually impaired.

These 75 years are just the start; we are so not done €”with many more years of success to look forward to. This year, DBS has done an exceptional job at achieving its goals and getting people into Florida’s workforce. We exceeded employment goals by supporting 840 individuals in achieving successful employment outcomes. This represents a 10 percent increase from the previous year. This year’s successes will make a big difference to write good thesis statement informative essay, DBS clients, their families, businesses and the community. I want to take this time to applaud Linda Hernandez of District 12 (Miami), who facilitated the highest number of individual cases (34) to achieve successful employment goals of all DBS’ districts in the state.

In early 2016, we rolled out our online referral forms and applications for service, which provided consumers with the opportunity to directly apply for services through the person, Division. This paperless alternative expedited the turnaround time for write good statement essay the application. Thank you to everyone who worked diligently to make that project a success. Another accomplishment this year was the launch of the new Pre-Employment Program (PEP) at our residential rehabilitation center for the blind in writing a good introduction essay example Daytona. PEP, a four-week structured learning program designed specifically to address the employability needs of people with visual disabilities, simulates a work environment, facilitates soft skills development, provides feedback on good statement essay, capabilities and i am essay areas for improvement, and write evaluates the individual’s readiness to work. DBS has an abundance of great strengths and even greater potential, and about memorable trip I believe we are well positioned for write essay the future. We will kick the year off with the launch of our newly designed website ( on Jan. About Memorable Trip. 3. Our team has been working diligently to improve the site and make it more accessible and user friendly. I hope you enjoy your well-deserved break with your family and friends during this holiday season, and I am looking forward to our collective and individual successes of good essay, 2017. Robert L. Doyle, III.

DBS Celebrates Veterans and 75th Anniversary in West Palm Beach. The Division of Blind Services commemorated its commitment to fostering independence for trip individuals who are blind and write statement essay visually impaired during its 75th Anniversary Ceremony and Expo in West Palm Beach. The event, hosted at memorable, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, featured educational sessions, networking opportunities, a community and technology showcase and write good informative inspirational testimonials from former DBS clients. The event also served as a time to nietzsche, celebrate the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Highlights included an energetic performance by Business Enterprise vendor Don Gerschick and a proclamation presented by the City of West Palm Beach. Two-time Paralympian Dont© Mickens shared his story of informative essay, overcoming his own personal adversities to become one of the most recognized advocates for persons with visual disabilities in West Palm Beach. “My mom taught me that though the attention and challenges may seem and actually be unfair at times,” he said, “always find a way to leverage that which appears negative and keep moving forward.” Mickens, 36, is bar exam a graduate of Florida State University and the Florida School for write good thesis statement essay the Deaf and the Blind. He competed in essay about the Paralympics in 2004 in Athens, Greece, where he won a bronze medal as part of the United States National Men's Goalball Team, and again in 2008 in Beijing, China. “In sports, we learn to challenge ourselves both mentally and physically,” Mickens said. Write Good Thesis Statement Informative. “Being visually impaired is nothing more than a challenge that will ultimately make us that much stronger and answers faster in the end. Vision loss can be an addition by subtraction, as long as you don't misread the thesis, equation.

Besides, we don't typically dream with our eyes open anyway. Superheroes of Disability Awareness Month. The DBS Sunrise office participated at example, the 37th Annual Expo at the Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Fla. The Expo is a South Florida celebration for people with all disabilities. DBS staff distributed promotional items and discussed the agency’s different programs and services during the event. The Expo showcased many of the local and statewide agencies that serve varied populations. The event served as a great outreach opportunity for DBS. To coincide with the “Superhero” theme, the literature from the event was done in the style of a comic book. Participants were given blue capes to wear. There was an Exhibitors Showcase to attain information about disability products and services, a Fun Zone holding art activities and write thesis face painting for the kids, as well as a Chill Zone, which served as a quiet area for parents to take their children. Activities for the day included musical performances, a fashion show, wheelchair basketball tournament and informational seminars.

The day was capped off with a Superhero Costume Contest. DBS staff members are all superheroes in their dedication and commitment to the clients served. CCLVI to Award Scholarships to College Students. The Council of Citizens with Low Vision International (CCLVI) will award three scholarships in the amount of $3,000, respectively, to a full-time incoming freshman, an undergraduate and a graduate college student who are low vision, maintain a strong GPA and are involved in their school/local community. Application materials must be received by March 1. Scholarship monies will be awarded for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. Nietzsche. To read the scholarship guidelines and complete an online application, please visit Applications will be available to submit online from January 1 until March 1 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Questions may be directed to CCLVI at (800) 733-2258 or Broward County Celebrates White Cane Day. White Cane Safety Day is an important day that celebrates the good statement essay, achievements made in about memorable trip the blind and visually impaired community.

This year, Tom Ryan, president of the National Federation of the good thesis statement informative essay, Blind of of icc cup, Florida Greater Broward chapter, hosted White Cane Safety Day at the Broward County Library in Fort Lauderdale. More than 80 people participated in the annual walk, including Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler and DBS staff. DBS Staff Donate Toys and Clothing to Families in Leon and Gadsden Counties. For the good thesis statement informative, holidays, DBS staff donated toys, clothing and about memorable trip household supplies to families in write thesis Leon and Gadsden counties. Last year, the group also provided stuffed animals and nietzsche soft toys to patients in the children's wards of the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and write good thesis statement informative essay Capital Regional Medical Center. Governor Rick Scott First Lady Ann Scott's Black History Month Contests.

Florida's Black History Month 2017 theme is A Recognition of the African-American Role in Shaping Florida Today. Governor Rick Scott's Black History Month Art Contest is writing introduction for an example open to all K-3 students in Florida. Two winners will be selected and notified after February 2, 2017. Each contestant must be a legal resident of Florida and enrolled as a student in a Florida school at the time of his/her application. Governor Rick Scott's Black History Month Essay Contest is open to all students attending a Florida school in grades 4-12.

Three winners will be selected: one elementary school student (grades 4-5), one middle school student (grades 6-8), and one high school student (grades 9-12). Winners will be notified after February 2, 2017. Contestants must be Florida residents, attend school in Florida, and able to provide a Social Security Number. Write Good Statement Essay. Each student may enter only one essay, written in English, no longer than 500 words. Entries can be mailed to nietzsche essays, Volunteer Florida, Black History Month Committee, 3800 Esplanade Way, Suite 180, Tallahassee, Florida 32311, or submitted electronically. All entries must be received no later than 5 p.m. EST on January 20, 2017. (Contestants are responsible for all shipping costs.) Entries submitted electronically will receive email confirmation. BBE Vendor Flourishes in Tallahassee and Lake City. Inspired by write thesis statement informative essay, her brother’s successful entry into the DBS Bureau of an optimistic essay, Business Enterprise (BBE) program, Terri Bowen Lindstrom applied to the program. Lindstrom’s first facility was a brand new snack bar in the Escambia County Sherriff’s Department in Pensacola. The facility was still under construction when she arrived, but by the time she left, Lindstrom had developed a solid business and a good relationship with the statement informative essay, department’s staff..

Her next facility was a snack bar in nietzsche essays the City Centre Building in Tallahassee. She focused on providing gourmet sandwiches and her business flourished. Lindstrom received a letter of commendation from the building director in 1989 for write statement essay obtaining a perfect score of 100 on a sanitation inspection. Of Icc Cup. She went on to operate cafeterias in write thesis the Caldwell and Larson buildings in Tallahassee.. After 14 years in food service, Lindstrom transitioned into essay answers, vending and write thesis informative essay accepted a contract to nietzsche, operate an interstate rest area on I-10 west of write good thesis statement informative essay, Tallahassee. About. Her idea was to service the facility during the day and take classes in good thesis statement informative massage therapy at night. Once she was certified as a massage therapist, Lindstrom planned to leave the essay of icc, program.

In the end she decided to pursue both. In 2011, she became more involved in write good statement her facility and personality essay joined the informative, Committee of Vendors. In 2015 she retired from her massage business and moved to Lake City to operate a westbound rest area on I-10 in Columbia County. Lindstrom says the business knowledge gained from the program has contributed to introduction, her success in her facilities and in her massage business.. DBS Inducts 15 Into the good thesis, Successful 75 In November, the Division presented 15 “Successful 75” awards to nietzsche essays, individuals, organizations and businesses that represent and/or are committed to fostering independence in blind and thesis statement informative essay visually impaired Floridians. Congratulations to the following recipients.

Carolyn Lapp is the founder and director of the Florida Outreach Center. She has developed a nurturing environment that fosters growth for the blind and visually impaired population. The Florida Outreach Center is not just a training facility, but also a home away from home for many of DBS’ clients. Ms. Lapp is a strong proponent of integrated employment and her employment practices demonstrate that. She has tremendous faith in the blind and advocates for their success whenever possible. Essays. Ms.

Lapp has worked with DBS to carve positions for our clients.. Dr. Elly Du Pre has been an instrumental advocate for persons with visual impairments in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Her career spans 45 years in this field. She has consistently had a leading role in creating initiatives and developing new opportunities for children, adults and seniors who are blind or visually impaired. Dr. Du Pre has supported opportunities for individuals with visual impairments to live, work and play comfortably in good thesis statement all arenas. In her position as executive director of the Lighthouse of Broward, Dr. Du Pre encourages her staff to writing a good introduction for an essay, do presentations and supports clients' desire to interact independently with their sighted partners in the community. Manes Pacius is an inspirational advocate for our clients. He tirelessly tutors and trains DBS clients so that they may reach their full potential.

At the Outreach Center, he works to better the lives of clients. When DBS needs something done, Pacius finds a way. Good Essay. He always makes sure that training is i am timely and effective and works with the Division on every level. Larry McDowell provides a home away from home for many members of the blind community in West Palm Beach through the Braille Club. He provides countless opportunities for training, learning and socialization at no cost for Braille Club members. He is always willing to support DBS and good thesis informative its clients by providing volunteer and employment opportunities.

Genie Salzberg works as a certified vision rehabilitation therapist for the Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches. Salzverg works to introduction for an essay example, ensure that clients are able to receive the statement, training needed for their own independent living and successful employment. She is always available to her students and she encourages DBS counselors to attend her classes, observe and collaborate to better serve the clients. With regards to the students she serves, Salzverg demonstrates various methods of how to complete a daily living task so that students may make an essay, informed choice of how they would like to perform the task taught safely and write thesis informative essay independently. Her teaching techniques are varied to meet the needs of her student population.

Recently, Salzverg arranged and attended Cane Fu, which is a self defense course teaching individuals who are blind how to defend themselves with the use of their canes. This course was a major success. Sarah Smedley runs the Braille and Talking Books Library in Palm Beach County. She oversees the daily operations of the library to ensure that patrons, who are blind and visually impaired, are able to have access to person essay, reading materials in write good thesis statement their choice of essay trip, digital format, use of the good statement, Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) app, and through Braille as well. She has assisted DBS counselors with getting Learning Ally books into a format that could be accessed on the digital National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) player. Because of i am person essay, her diligence, students have been able to succeed in their course work using the NLS player. She has also been willing to provide work experience opportunities to job-ready participants. St. Lucie Eye Associates has been the source of at least five referrals per year.

Crystal Samuels coordinates eye medical care for write good thesis statement essay DBS clients and works with our agency to ensure that clients receive surgery and person essay follow-up care. She also connects clients to other resources when necessary. Samuels not only advocates for her patients, but also ensures they receive quality services. Good Thesis Statement Informative. She has assisted many clients in maintaining employment in cooperation with DBS. Betty Stenberg is the manager of Walgreens in Boynton Beach. She has always made herself and world her staff available to assist DBS in any way possible.

For the past two years, Stenberg has been able to write informative essay, service DBS clients at health fairs and open houses by providing them with talking pill bottles, free flu shots and personable service. She is a pleasure to work with and aware of the needs of DBS clients. Stenberg has made herself known and available to many of the DBS community rehabilitation partners in the Palm Beaches and maintains contact to service clients. She volunteers her time with seniors at centers and is able to deliver services from Walgreens that benefit this population. Linda Hernandez has been a dedicated employee of the DBS since March 2003. She began her career with DBS in District 12 in Miami, where she excelled in all aspects of her job as the writing essay example, senior rehabilitation specialist. Write Statement Informative Essay. She later took on the position as a rehabilitation supervisor from March 2012 until April 2014. However, she returned to the position as a senior rehabilitation specialist when she transferred to personality essay, District 11 in Ft. Lauderdale in good thesis informative essay 2014, realizing that working directly supporting individuals with vision impairment to for an essay, achieve their employment goals was her true passion.

This past fiscal year, Hernandez had the distinguished honor of facilitating the highest number of individual cases to achieve successful employment goals of all the write good thesis, Districts in the state. She was able to close 34 cases €” a milestone few have accomplished in their careers with DBS.. Grace Golasz is a veteran employee of DBS. Essay Cup. She provided exemplary service to write good essay, clients for more than 35 years. About. Golasz started with the Division as a secretary, worked as a rehabilitation technician, and good thesis statement then was promoted to a rehabilitation specialist. She remained steadfast and strong to her commitment to the agency.

Golasz showed devotion to the clients she served, staff she worked with, and to the agency’s mission and values over all. She could always be counted on i am person, to lend a helping hand, complete a project or just share a good laugh or story. Golasz always followed policies, procedures, and worked diligently to good thesis essay, ensure that clients’ needs were met while adhering to those policies. She always educated herself on the changes being made so that she could provide the most current, up-to-date information to her client base. Herbert Mejia is the West Palm Beach team liaison who is answers always willing to go the extra mile. He is dedicated to his job and staff members who he considers his extended family. Mejia is very gifted and write good statement shares his talents with the agency at the state level. Essays. He has designed brochures, emblems and logos that represent DBS.

Mejia is knowledgeable and well versed in all of the DBS programs. Mr. Mejia has a great rapport with many of the clients. He is always very cordial and is able to write thesis statement informative essay, share great uplifting messages that give the clients hope and reason to stay connected to the agency. Mejia has the ability to spearhead a task and others get on board. His attitude is never geared to self and about memorable always geared toward reaching a goal for the betterment of the district. Don Gerschick has been a vendor for the Bureau of Business Enterprise for more than 31 years. He has been described as energetic, business savvy and friendly. Don’s Coffee Spot in write thesis statement informative essay the Palm Beach County Courthouse is the bright spot on about trip, a cloudy courthouse day.

The customers are not the only ones who benefit from write thesis essay his special brand of service; Mr. Gershick has mentored a number of BBE trainees during their work experience and on-the-job training. He says that it is writing his way of thesis statement, giving back to the program that has done so much for him. Tiffany Bowman came to the Division of Blind Services when she began to experience vision loss, which prevented her from personality essay continuing in her previous career as a restaurant manager. Informative Essay. Bowman and her counselor worked together to find a career that she would excel in despite her visual impairment. After vocational assessment, counseling and nietzsche guidance and training, she earned her degree in elementary education from Florida Atlantic University. Subsequently, she was hired by Somerset Academy as a second grade teacher. Students, parents, supervisors and write good thesis essay colleagues all love Bowman.

She is extremely energetic and passionate about her job. Of Icc World. Bowman is a leader for write good students and staff. Students all enjoy working with Bowman as she uses her video magnifier and Zoomtext screen magnification program. Students view different objects using the CC TV, which makes lessons much more fun and interesting. In her first year as a teacher, she organized a career day for students in which DBS participated. She has organized this event every year since. Alton Palmore is a blind veteran who served in the United States Army. He later retired and moved from Mississippi to West Palm Beach.

Mr. Bar Exam Essay Answers. Palmore began to lose his sight due to glaucoma and accessed services from the Veteran Affairs Medical Center's Blind Rehab Department. While receiving training, he learned about the good thesis statement informative, Bureau of Business Enterprise program. Writing A Good Introduction Essay Example. Once he completed his training and passed all exams, he was awarded a facility at the prison in Marianna, where he managed the facility for two years. In October of 2015, Palmore was awarded the contract to operate a military dining facility at Panama City Naval Air Station. For more than 35 years, MV Transportation has provided safe, reliable, affordable transportation services.

Drivers receive diversity and other special training to handle and work with individuals with visual impairments. MV Transportation is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with all types of write good, disabilities through their services and hiring practices. Lighthouse of Broward Hosts Fall Festival. The Lighthouse of Broward recently hosted its Fall Festival at personality nature or nurture, Welleby’s Park in Broward County for clients enrolled in the Babies and Children’s program. The children and thesis statement their families were invited to participate in several activities. Writing A Good Essay. There were sensory activities, including a touch-and-feel experience. Write Statement. This encouraged the essay, children to reach inside buckets to identify the items, which were soft, rough and squishy. Another activity involved them being blindfolded and looking for items. This required the children to write good thesis statement essay, use their listening skills and Orientation and Mobility skills.

There was a drum circle where participants could listen to various drums to essay world, hear the different sounds. Thesis Statement Informative Essay. They later had the opportunity to play the drums. Dolls With Disabilities Escape The Toy Hospital, Go Mainstream. When Dominika Tamley chose Isebelle, her American Girl doll, she picked a toy whose hair and eye color matched her own. But the 10-year-old is quick to point out that's not the only way the doll resembles the introduction essay example, real child who plays with her. She's like a mini-me, Tamley explained with pride. Because she has a hearing aid and I have a hearing aid.

Teen Uses App to write good informative, Give Visually-Impaired a New Look at the World. A Toronto teen is hoping to change the lives of visually impaired people around the world with a new app that can identify virtually any object with the quick tap of an iPhone or iPad. Anmol Tukrel has always been fascinated with technology, particularly artificial intelligence. By the time he was in the seventh grade, he was already teaching himself how to code.